Cloud Network Convergence

The cloud can serve as the unified platform and portal for carrier B2B services. Cloud-network synergy supports one-stop new B2B services that integrate the cloud, networks, and X, helping carriers build competitive strengths and develop new business models. This will enable new growth in B2B services and open up a new era for B2B

Operators’ Revenue Growth Mainly Depends on B2B Growth

With the enterprise digitalization, more enterprises choose to move their IT information onto the cloud, causing increasing demands for cloud connections by enterprises. The WAN to Cloud traffic of enterprises is increasing with an over 20% rate each year. For operators, WAN to Cloud private line is a new growth point and great opportunity on top of the traditional enterprise interconnecting private lines. The B2B revenue of operators accounts for a large proportion of the total revenue.

For example, the B2B revenue of top operators in Europe accounts for 20%-30% or higher of their total revenue. The revenue increase also mainly comes from B2B. For example, over 40% of the revenue increase of one major operator in China comes from B2B. An increasing number of telecom operators have made new B2B strategies. One major operator in North America   specifies a series of B2B strategies, among which the most important two are enterprise cloud access and network-on-demand VPN. The B2B strategy specified by one major operator in Europe is to provide cloud-based network management, integrated ICT services, and Network-on-Demand VPN for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With cloud hosting and storage management, it will enable access to documents and information from anywhere. This will also curb the risk of fire disasters or water damage on organisational vital documents.









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